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Waterproof Wallpaper Prices For Bathroom

Waterproof Wallpaper Prices For Bathroom

Details such as waterproof wallpaper prices for bathroom, bathroom wallpaper features, matters to be considered when buying bathroom wallpaper are included.


Waterproof wallpaper prices for the bathroom are one of the most researched decoration subjects recently. While the use of wallpaper in the bathroom was not considered until 5 years ago, it has become an indispensable bathroom today. Wallpapers used only in the living room, living room and bedrooms in the past have now descended to the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. It is now possible to find a water resistant wallpaper model in every area where there is water and moisture. Today we will give you information about water resistant bathroom wallpaper models.

Details About Waterproof Wallpaper For Bathroom

Banyo İçin Su Geçirmeyen Duvar Kağıdı Fiyatları

water resistant bathroom wallpaper

The developing technology has put vinyl textured wallpapers resistant to steam, hot water and moisture into our lives. We can say that these wallpapers have taken the first place in preferences. So much so that it rivaled bathroom ceramics and tiles.

What are the reasons for competitors to bathroom tiles and ceramics? Here are the answers…

Pattern and color options are more than bathroom tiles and ceramics. These features are riveted with water resistance and add a more stylish and modern atmosphere to the bathrooms. banyo duvar kağıdı modelelri

Another feature of waterproof vinyl textured wallpapers for bathrooms is that they are multi-layered. Thanks to this bottom layer of adhesive fiber, it adheres completely to the wall and prevents the formation of bacteria and microbes with this feature.

The non-woven layer, called the middle layer, is a waterproof layer that does not have water on other wallpapers and is resistant to impacts.

The top layer appeals to the eye and pushes moisture and water with its vinyl texture, which increases the water resistance. Due to these features, it is an extremely durable product. You can easily use the water resistant wallpaper models for the bathroom in every area of the bathroom, including the inside of the shower cabin.

Water and moisture resistant bathroom wallpaper models are developing art pieces of art decoration decoration developed with advanced technology. Plain wallpapers have been replaced by accessory models, which enrich the decoration.

Today, the prices of waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom are not as many as expected. It is possible to find wallpapers with embossed pattern, stone pattern, floral pattern, geometric pattern, tile pattern at affordable price.

Produced under the leadership of many famous brands, bathroom waterproof wallpapers are guaranteed to be used in a healthy way like the first day of 10 years. Banyo temasına uygun duvar kağıdı renk ve deseni

If it is decided to replace it years later, the bathroom will not be as difficult and costly as tiles and ceramics.

Today, bathroom wallpaper prices, which appear to have replaced ceramic, tile and paint in the bathroom almost completely, are not as much as expected. Considering that the paint is renewed every six months and tiles and ceramics are changed every 4-5 years, the wallpapers can even be economical.

Do not forget that there are some points to consider when purchasing water resistant wall bathroom wallpapers that pass successfully the questions asked by ladies such as easy cleaning, mold and moisture resistance.

Here are the points you need to pay attention in Bathroom Wallpaper…

Banyo İçin Su Geçirmeyen Duvar Kağıdı Fiyatları

water resistant bathroom wallpaper

The wallpaper model you like should definitely be produced for the bathroom.

Cleaning criteria, moisture resistance size and quality should definitely be examined.

The humidity of the bathroom should be discussed with the seller.

Wallpaper color and pattern should be chosen according to the bathroom theme.

In large bathrooms, the desired color wallpaper can be selected, while in small bathrooms, light wallpaper will be the right choice.

Everything from the adhesive of the wallpaper model to the texture of the paper should be explored in detail.

As one of the leading brands of quality, Koştaş offers stylish and elegant designs to its users without sacrificing quality in bathroom wallpaper.

Banyo İçin Su Geçirmeyen Duvar Kağıdı Fiyatları

bathroom wallpaper koçtaş

Average Bathroom Wallpaper Prices

Graham Brown is the dark colored stone patterned model, which is the most preferred model of bathroom wallpaper. This model, which has a ceramic appearance, is the new address of elegance in the bathroom. The wallpaper price of a roll of 5.02 m2, length of 10 meters and width of 50 cm is between 80-100 TL.

Wallpaper prices that are not affected by water in the market vary according to workmanship, paper quality, pattern difference and materials used for gluing. Accordingly, prices start from 80 TL and go up to 400-450 TL.

If you want to use this wallpaper in the bathroom, “I like the wallpaper I have chosen for the living room”, you can use it with a colorless acrylic varnish after applying it to the bathroom. However, you may not get as much efficiency as the wallpaper designed for the bathroom. Therefore, we wanted to give this option as a footnote, we do not recommend using it 🙂

Banyo İçin Su Geçirmeyen Duvar Kağıdı Fiyatları

bathroom wallpaper prices

Would Waterproof Wallpaper Be In My Bathroom?

If you still have mold and moisture in your mind after getting all the information required for bathroom wallpaper from the sales store, we recommend using tiles in areas where water is intense. Thus, you will both sign different designs and use your water resistant wallpaper in peace of mind.

At this point, you should make sure that the wallpaper you choose and the color of your bathroom tiles match.

There are wallpapers in designs that will adapt to all kinds of bathroom decorations. What remains to you will be to experience the comfort by choosing the wallpaper compatible with your bathroom decoration after learning all the technical details.

If the ventilation of your bathroom is not sufficient, so it gets excessive moisture and does not mold, using wallpaper will not save you from this moisture and mold. First, you should solve the mold problem in your bathroom and then consider water-resistant bathroom wallpaper.

Below we have compiled a picture gallery that includes bathroom wallpapers in all styles. You can get an idea by examining our gallery of Waterproof Wallpaper Prices for Bathroom without radical changes in your bathroom.

Wallpaper Bathroom

One of the most common problems in bathrooms is the fact that wallpapers are damaged in time due to excessive moisture and steam. Therefore, when you log into any wallpaper sales site or store, you can specify that you will purchase it for use in the bathroom.

Wallpaper Bathroom

There is no situation that requires you to choose your pattern only on light color or only dark colors. You can reflect a completely different style from the corridor or hall, while using light tones in other rooms, you can turn to models with black and white color harmony in the bathroom. Thus, it will be possible to have the feeling of entering a different environment, and moisture-resistant three-dimensional wallpapers can be used for a long time.

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