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Natural Stone Table Making

Natural Stone Table Making


A detailed content has been prepared about natural stone painting, materials and table samples that will decorate your walls.


Natural Stone Table

Natural stone painting is one of the most popular wall decoration elements of the last few years. Anyone who holds a hand brush and likes hobby works can easily make a stone painting. (you can even do it with your children) is an excellent activity to spend time especially in summer.

If you have never made stone paintings before, and if you have weak handcraft and painting skills, you can immediately say “How is natural stone painting made ? Can I do it? ”Questions began to emerge.

Today, we will give you all the necessary information about the paintings made of stone . By adding your own imagination to this information, you will be able to make paintings made of stone that will admire.

You can create elegant compositions without painting or painting oval smooth stones called beach stones and you can make these walls extraordinary by turning these compositions into wall boards.

If you use tree branches besides stones for natural stone painting, you will enrich your painting even more.

First, I should state, making the stone table by applying the stone painting art you certainly can.

Don’t be afraid I can’t!

Just be enthusiastic.

Natural Stone Table Making Details

Natural Stone Table Materials

Let’s review the stone table samples and let you have information about painting technique and materials.

First, you should choose the table model you will make and find the stone in that direction. There are places selling natural stones. However, if you live in coastal areas, you are lucky, you can collect stones from the beach.

Let’s see what are the stone table materials together.

Stone table material list;

Stones of different sizes and shapes. (The shapes of the stones vary according to the stone table model. For example, if you are going to make a landscape, the stone you will use should not be oval, but a pebble-shaped smooth stone.)

Fine and thick tip brushes

Stone paint or colored acrylic paint (acrylic paint is preferred more because of its visual beauty)

Acetate pencils (required to draw the figure you will paint on stones)

Round, square, oval or rectangular wooden floor where you will shape the natural stone table.

No. 1 sponge sander if wood is not sanded

You can use natural branches, garbage and leaves to increase the visual quality.

Hot silicone for bonding

Spray varnish (if not available) to fix the paint and maintain its shine

Natural Stone Table Making Stages

Natural Stone Table Making

First, take the wooden part and dust it with the cloth by sanding with the number 1 sponge sandpaper.

Then paint the wooden floor according to the stone painting you will make.

Taş boyama sanatı

Surprise those around you with the art of stone painting

If you are one of those who are doing stone painting art research by giving heart to stone painting art, you are at the right place to learn it. Now we are talking about stone painting …


If you are going to make a night view, you can paint the floor black and make stars with white polka dots. Or you can paint it in a simple color like pink, white, yellow, green. Background painting is up to your imagination

After painting the background, you can start the natural stone painting process.

Draw the model you will make on the stone table on a piece of paper.

After washing and drying the stones that will be needed, paint them in an appropriate way and leave them ready. (If you bought the stones from the hobby houses, you don’t need to wash them, you can paint them directly.)

Carefully and carefully paint with small and fine brushes. (Add a small amount of acrylic paint to a suitable place, soak the brush in the water and make the painting after bringing the paint to a fluid consistency.)

Natural Stone Table Materials

Take the pre-painted and completely dried wooden floor and stick the stones in place with the silicone gun.

If you say no confusion, you can number the stones. You can also note these numbers on the wooden floor. Thus, you will proceed to the bonding process in a practical way.

After the adhesion process is finished, spray the varnish 15-20 centimeters away from the paint.

Here, the stone table with your hand work is in front of you with all its beauty, whether you use it yourself, gift it to your loved ones, or make it a business that will contribute to the home economy by selling it.

Evde maketten uçak yapımı

Home Hobbies and Featured Choices

Thanks to hobbies that can be done at home, not only is the qualified evaluation of time, but also an economical contribution to the home budget is provided with its own design products.

Materials Required for Stone Painting

Stone painting is one of the handicrafts that has increased in popularity recently. It has been a source of material income especially for housewives who love art. With the introduction of the Internet in every field of our lives, we have the opportunity to market these art works faster. For our stone painting, we can supply the necessary materials from anywhere.

Materials Required for Stone Painting

These materials are; Pebbles of different sizes, thick and fine-tipped paint brushes, acrylic paints or stone paints of colored colors, acetate paints of different colors, and finally materials such as varnish will be the kind to do our job for stone painting. We can make artwork with these materials.

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