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Making Owls from Quilling

Making Owls from Quilling


We are here again with the Owl Making from Quilling. The art of paper folding is a hobby that makes people rest, entertain them and help them relieve stress. Do not you want to make money, have fun and have a good time by making this art? Here are all the details about the subject …

We are here again with the Owl Making from Quilling . The art of paper folding is a handicraft that makes people relax, entertain and help them relieve stress. People use this art called quilling to evaluate their spare time, develop their hand skills, and give their loved ones handmade, original gifts.

You can design any figure you want with quilling products that can make aesthetic objects from each other with extremely affordable al material.

Making Owls from Quilling

Imagine and Design

Thanks to quilling, those who want to make owls can make many different objects from the design they create. You can make key rings, pillow cases, a giant toy owl, table, chandelier, flower pot, cup cover and many other things you can think of with the making of owls from quilling, which you can adjust the dimensions yourself. Quilling' den Baykuş Yapımı kolye

In order for the products to be strong and durable, it is possible to use special coating materials produced for quilling. If you want to give your loved ones an original gift that they have not seen before, the owl from quilling may be for you. If your loved one has an interest in owls, you can be sure that this gift will make him very happy.

How to make an owl from Quilling?

Making owls from Quilling is quite easy. All you have to do is make large and small rolls with quilling papers. If you want to create a small key ring or gift card, you need to make 6 different rolls of 15 cm each. You can prepare the owl’s eyes, body and wings by preparing each roll in different colors.

with accessories such as CDs, EVA paper, felt, eyes, nose, and the dog that children will love by making cut and paste.

Eyes are 15 cm tightly wrapped, dark brown rolls. Make six 15 cm tight rolls for the sides of your face. You can create three triangles for its beak and ears. You need to make the triangles much smaller.

Cut a piece of paper to make the owl’s hat. If you want to make fringes for its wings, cut the paper lengthwise into thin strips.

What Can You Do With The Owl You Do?

You can evaluate the owl you prepared as a nice gift for your loved ones. It is also a healthy and fun toy for children. The objects that you can use for decorative purposes will maintain their originality as they are handmade. Quilling' den Baykuş Yapımı,

If you have an e-commerce site, you can sell it on this site. In addition, you can request the sale of your products by reaching agreements with the stores that trade the original products.

You can be an educator by getting your certificate related to the subject in public education centers, so you can transfer what you know to others.

Evaluate Your Free Time

Quilling, which is one of the most ideal options for your leisure time, can be applied by anyone since it can be done with low budget. Regardless of the socioeconomic situation, you can give this art, which anyone can make, as a handicraft lesson in kindergarten and preschool education. Quilling' den Baykuş Yapımı.

If you are an educator, there is no better way than quilling to improve your students’ dexterity. In this way, children will both develop their intelligence and discover their motor skills. With quilling, a low cost activity that children can do, you can include not only owls, but also objects that children can create using their imagination. You can help parents see works created by their children by preparing year-end shows thanks to the paper art, which is among the most important activities of educators.

Dog making from CD; A simple mold with accessories such as CDs, EVA paper, felt, eyes, nose, and the dog that children will love by making cut and paste.

Quilling takes the dexterity to the next level and forces them to think what the student has done. The necessity of coordinating the students’ level of thought by hand skill is frequently expressed by experts. Because hand and eye coordination requirements make it easier for the child to write. This unique art develops dexterity and fine motor skills. Quilling' den Baykuş Yapımı fikirleri

Another important aspect of hand and eye coordination is that you can change your focus quickly. The person who develops dexterity focuses faster on other areas of life. The brain develops as mental activities are activated simultaneously with dexterity. This activity also keeps your hands and fingers strong and flexible. So it helps you stay healthy physically.

Handmade Owl

In order for the owl shape to be handcrafted, it is extremely difficult for people who are not specialized in this field to make a single piece of material. Therefore, it is necessary to use separate small parts for the head, body and feathers. If it is desired to achieve the shape of a cup instead of creating a figure hanging on the wall or tree, an average of 6 to 7 centimeters of interior space will be required.

Handmade Owl

The length may vary depending on your preference. In the anterior region, it is necessary to carve the eye parts, place black wide spots in the middle area, and leave small ear protrusions from the upper right and left upper crosses of the eye.


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