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Laundry Basket Making Details

Laundry Basket Making Details


You can find all about making laundry basket by yourself in our article. In addition, information was given about laundry basket dyeing, tethering, laundry basket making and laundry basket renewal techniques.

Whatever you do about making laundry baskets by yourself is in the rest of our article.

As interior decoration and architecture develop, a large number of decoration varieties increase. The architectural structures of the developing technology meet the expectations of all styles at the highest level besides modern lines. All these offer satisfying options in decoration that appeal to all tastes and styles.

The vintage and country styles that carry the smell and warmth of the past to the present combine with the modern lines of today and cause admirable designs.

Today, those who want to renovate decoration add a completely different atmosphere to their decorations with do-it-yourself decorative ideas other than heavy works such as curtains, carpets, furniture, wall coverings. Today, we will give you information about making laundry baskets by yourself.

How To Make Your Laundry Basket? Kendin Yap Çamaşır Sepeti Yapımı Detayları

It is very easy to make a laundry basket with the information you will read. At the end of the article you will say, “Was it easy to make a laundry basket?” J

It is possible to make a stylish laundry basket with tether, cardboard box and glue or rope and use it in the bathroom. To make a laundry basket, you must first find a cardboard box of the desired size.

You can also use large plastic or tin boxes instead of cardboard boxes.

You can use hot silicone instead of glue.

Cut the lids of the cardboard box.

Wrap the box completely by sticking the rope or tether around the box with glue. Paste tight so that the cardboard does not appear. (So to speak, hold the ranks often :))

Cut and paste a fabric lining of any color and pattern on the inside of the box. If you want practical, you can use colored adhesive foil paper.

Let’s Renew Your Old Dirty Basket Kendin Yap Çamaşır Sepeti Yapımı Detayları

Dirty basket refurbishment

Lycra velvet fabric large enough to cover your old dirty basket (1 meter is enough if you buy double width)

Lace guipure and pearl

The lining fabric can be in your old skirt lining to cover the inside of the box.

Glue fiber to the outside of the dirty basket by applying complete glue.

Stretch the lycra velvet on the fiber with hot silicone.

Then sew the lining according to the inside and stick it on the edge.

After covering the top of the cap with fiber, cover it with velvet.

It was very easy to make a dirty laundry basket made of velvet fabric, right?

Laundry basket decoration is also up to you. You can decorate the edges with guipure, tassel and pearls as you wish.

We continue to provide do-it-yourself laundry basket making alternatives.

Now the glaze is in the plastic laundry basket painting business.

If you are tired of the colors of your old laundry basket or want to do laundry basket renewal after bathroom decoration renovation. One of the most practical ways to renew the laundry basket is to dye it.

Laundry basket painting

Kendin Yap Çamaşır Sepeti Yapımı Detayları

Acrylic paint in any color you want

If you wish, you can use one or two or three colors.

It is much more elegant when you paint the cover part to one color and the bottom body to another color.

Wait for 5-10 minutes to dry by painting the body part of the dirty laundry basket with the acrylic paint of your choice.

Then paint 3-4 more times until the paint underneath is completely covered.

If you are switching from light to dark, you will need to paint 2 coats. However, if you change from dark to light, you need to paint 4-5 coats.

You can make stylish decorations with the 13 Best DIY Decoration Ideas You Should See .

Always paint the text on the laundry basket in a different color to add a modern flair.

If you want to get a matte look, you can apply 1 layer of varnish.

After painting the cover in the color you want, the decoration is up to you. you can cover the cover with or without decoupage paper after painting.

If you wish, you can also decorate the belly with decoupage paper.

Making your own laundry basket is that easy. In light of the above information, you can renew your laundry basket practically with the technique closest to you. With very little budget.

May it be easy.

Making Dirty Basket at Home

The dirty basket is one of our home saviors, our home appliances and supplies. It is an important issue especially for our dirty laundry. By making this dirty basket ourselves, baskets will be created where we can give a more enjoyable and beautiful appearance. It is possible to create a stylish basket from durable products, especially by purchasing the tools and materials that we can make this basket from the outside.

Making Dirty Basket at Home

By using knitting styles and making baskets made of wicker, you can create models very elegantly. You can obtain basket models according to their size, especially by reviving embroidered and patterned models from knitting models and looking at their production through the internet. You can create a stylish dirty basket with a flat use, which can also be made of plastic products.

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