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Decorating Ideas With Old Stairs

Great Decorating Ideas With Old Stairs

The libraries made from the old staircase that will attract the attention of the guests from the moment they are entered through the outer door; It also comes to the fore with its usefulness to the last course.

A more impressive and special look can be achieved in decoration with handmade designs that will add value to your home. You can turn old unused pieces into decorative pieces with practical methods, in this way you can reflect their style on living spaces. Decorating ideas from the old staircase are among the favorite choices in home decorations. In our article, we would like to mention the warm and sincere effects that old and worn stairs add to the decoration among the old unused parts.


How can an old, unused staircase contribute to home decoration and leave warm effects in living spaces? The answer is waiting for you in our gallery. Wooden stairs are preferred by those who like natural textures at home as a part of decoration for a long time. There are many different and creative ways to include wooden stairs in decoration.

Eski merdivenden dekorasyon fikirleri

Why Are Old Stairs So Fashionable?

Since creating great decoration ideas from old stairs has been very popular lately, many of these original decoration designs are encountered with such ideas. Especially when it comes to decoration ideas with old stairs, by giving an aesthetic appearance to living spaces; It is preferred by those who want to create a rural atmosphere. The old stairs are used in different combinations in the process from the past to the present. Especially in the halls, it is possible to encounter old staircase decorations .

Eski merdivenden dekorasyon fikirleri

You Can Make Bookshelves From The Old Stairs!

There are many different alternative options for libraries. Since these options include old staircase decorations , bookcases from old staircases have been frequently made recently. Considering the concepts regarding the construction of the bookshelf, it is seen that the old stairs have both a useful and stylish design feature.

It is known that the libraries that can be built in the halls have an effective visual feast for those who like to host their guests here.

Eski merdivenden dekorasyon fikirleri

2019 Old Staircase Decorations

Since home decorations turn to recycled materials as of 2019 , both old stairs and other unused items; often included in the world of design. Thus, an effective action and movement has come to the decoration world. Among the rising new trends of recent times, decoration ideas from the old staircase are at the top.

When you examine the samples, you can see that they are mostly preferred based on the walls in living spaces, with a little dexterity, the steps are turned into shelves, creating a highly decorative and stylish appearance.

Eski merdivenden dekorasyon fikirleri

A different way to evaluate old stairs practically is to mount the wall horizontally and give the impression of a natural looking shelf system. In this way, an extremely stylish and natural wall decor can be obtained, a worn wood look is a very original idea, especially for popular interior decorations such as vintage, country.

If you are looking for a difference in decoration, you can hang the old wooden staircase on the ceiling and have a great hanger as well as a decorative look.

eski merdivenler ile dekorasyon fikirleri

decorating ideas with old stairs

The other original idea is that for those who have a wide range of wooden designs in their home, choosing a doorway or decorative shoe for the entrance may make a difference in decoration.

ahşap merdiven ile ayakkabılık yapımı

shoe making with wooden ladder

For those who like natural textures in the bedroom, old worn staircases can be a great accessory shelf. It will surely make a difference to the bedroom, it also has a warm effect.

eski merdivenden dekoratif raf yapımı

decorative shelf construction from old stairs

Next is a great robe hanger design, it is a very rational and decorative idea to get a design that will work great in the bedroom from the old worn out staircase.

ahşap merdivenden dekoratif askılık

decorative hanger from wooden ladder

The old staircase, which is cut and cut in accordance with the size and location of the living area, appears here as a very stylish and decorative towel holder in the bathroom. You can use the steps as a shelf, it is a great idea to showcase the bathroom accessories in the bathroom that you want to be at hand.

banyoda eski merdivenden dekoratif raf

decorative shelf from old stairs in the bathroom

This time, we come across a decorative coffee table design made of a two-step ladder.

küçük merdivenden dekoratif sehpa yapımı

making decorative coffee table from small stairs

A different way to get a decorative look with old stairs is to paint them in the vivid colors you want and display them with decorative accessories or flowers. A wonderful view can appear in living rooms or large balconies.

merdiven ile dekoratif raf yapımı

decorative shelf construction with stairs

Old Stair Decoration

Wood products, which are frequently used in home decorations and enrich the area, are also a reflection of great ideas for recycling. For example, you can transform your unused staircase by making a decorative shelf from your old wooden stairs. Especially for those who adopt rustic style or want to add creativity to their home, stairs are places where you can show your creative ideas.

Old Stair Decoration

The old stairs are usually positioned against the wall in the house. You can also give these stairs a shelf view by using your creativity and dexterity. If your old staircase you use in your home is small, you can paint the stair steps in dark color and give a wide view by using glass illumination. Or you can have led lighting on the stair steps. If you want to decorate your staircase in a modern line, you can enrich it with illumination by painting the balustrades and steps in contrasting colors. Or if it doesn’t matter to you and you have a straight staircase, raising the balustrades will also provide a stylish look.

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