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Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Making

Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Making

Frida kahlo flower pot recipe is given. How about equipping your windowsills or balconies with these stylish and fun flower pots that you can easily make at home?

Frida kahlo flower pot is among the most trendy decorative flower pot models of the new season. The frida kahlo flowerpots that make your flowers look even more beautifully decorate the windows and balconies. Frida flowerpots, which are especially used in cactus and succulent flowers and look quite stylish, are now among the indispensable houses of the houses. Actually, there is not much to say about Frida, who is determined and strong and has a life-bound character. Let’s move on to making stylish, easy and fun potting now…


Frida Kahlo Flower Pot Making

evde saksı yapımı

flower pot making at home

You can make frida flower pots, which are among the most popular flower pot models of the new season, for your own windows or as a gift to your loved ones. I can’t even think of a cactus enthusiast as a gift as valuable as a cactus you would plant in a frida pot.

Here is the construction of this stylish flower pot …

Necessary materials

Skin color or plastic or o-soil pot close to this color

Colorful artificial flowers

Acrylic paint (it will be black, but if you say I draw beautiful eyes, you can use it in different colors.)

Marker pen (this will be black)


Enough masking tape

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Frida Flower Pot Production Steps

Take a flower pot of the desired size and tape the top part up to 3 fingers with masking tape. After taping, paint the part you taped with black acrylic paint and let it dry. This part is the region that will be the hair strip.

Now, we can say that it is your skill and skill. When it comes to frida, it’s time to paint the frowning eyebrows, the bun and the flower crown on his head. Do not try to draw a legendary drawing, just specify its characteristic features. Therefore, do not forget to frown.

First draw the contours of the pencil on the flowerpot. (eyebrow, eye, lip) Then, pass the lines you draw beautifully with a marker pen.

Now it’s time to make the most fun part of the work, the flower crown of Friday.

Cut the colorful artificial flowers you like from the bottom. With hot silicone, glue the black hair part to the flowerpot from the top. Do not use uhu-style adhesives in the bonding process. Since you will glue the flowers to the black acrylic painted part, the paint can melt with the effect of the uh and make a bad impression. For this reason, I recommend using hot silicon.

If you trust your painting ability, you can make a perfect frida flower pot using the flower pot as a canvas.

Frida Kahlo Saksı Yapımı

frida kahlo flower pot

After your decorative flower pot is finished, you will get the image of the bun of the fryda by planting a ball cactus in it. You can make this stylish handmade flower pot with your children at home. We would be happy if you share your flower pots with us;)

Making Flower Pots from Recycling Materials

If you are curious about the decoration products, do it yourself and you will definitely come across recycling decoration ideas. One of the most preferred do-it-yourself decoration ideas for home decoration is making flower pots from recycling materials. You can make decorative flower pots from any product that is available at home and that is suitable for being a flower pot. This can be a cut pet bottle or an empty fruit box if you think for a garden pot .. It is entirely up to your personal taste and imagination.

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