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Evaluating Old Kitchenware and Creative Ideas

Evaluating Old Kitchenware and Creative Ideas


These kinds of designs can be found in the building market that sells many lighting products, but it can be quite fun at home making, you can even paint the glass jars with glass paint and add color to your desired area.

The ideas of evaluating old items, which have brought a different atmosphere and creativity to decoration in recent years, especially those who see examples of home decoration that stand out with wooden accessories and inspire them. Old kitchenware, teapots, fridge and all kinds of imaginable kitchenware are now reconsidered and become a decorative product.

If your utensils are no longer used, you can consider them as a different and decorative accessory, all you need is to examine decorative ideas that will inspire you. Sometimes you can add a very special atmosphere to the decoration with an old item that you will never think of, you can show your creativity and draw great attention with your special style at home.

eski çaydanlıkları değerlendirmenin yolları

Ways to evaluate old teapots

How to Evaluate Annex Kitchenware?

You can obtain incredibly beautiful decorative items with utensils and utensils such as teapots, fridges, jars that you have used for years and have no longer function, and you can easily use these special handcraft designs in every area of your home. Evaluating old items will both delight you and you will experience the happiness of reflecting your style to your home.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, you should be inspired for this work and you should have a small hand in this kind of handmade works. Let’s continue with the examples we chose among the DIY projects that we think will inspire you, which are quite simple to make but will give a very special atmosphere to the decoration.

Decorative hangers from old spoons

eski kaşıklardan askılık yapımı

construction of hangers from old spoons

What To Do From The Old Teapot?

Whether ceramic or steel old teapots can be a very nice accessory with the evaluation and some editing. It can be a very colorful idea for those who live in garden houses, you can turn the garden decoration into a more special and colorful style with the colorful flowers you will put in the teapots. In order to use old teapots for wall decoration in the house, you can tie them to the wall with light thick threads, add artificial flowers and use them as stalactites, and you can prepare colorful corners especially in kitchens, living rooms and balconies.

Decorative lighting ideas with colored bottles

renkli şişeler ile yaratıcı aydınlatma fikirleri

Decorative hangers from old spoons

For those who are looking for creative ideas with old utensils, the hangers made with old spoons are a very original idea. Old spoons screwed on wood of different sizes are a stylish idea that can add a different and natural style to the entrance or other living spaces. All you have to do is drill the bottom of the spoons and screw them into the wooden piece. You can get a decorative look by bending the ends of the spoons in line.

Decorative lighting ideas with colored bottles

You can give a decorative look to home decoration with decorative bottles in almost every kitchen. It is not difficult to make this application, which requires a little manual skill, the materials you need, a wooden layer, colored glass bottles, (the bulbs you will use must be the size that will fit inside the bottle), optional hear and bulb. Even if you do not have colorful bottles in your home, you can get them at very affordable prices from many places.

fincanları dekoratif küçük saksılara çevirin

turn the cups into small decorative pots

Open circles so that the bottles you will use a wooden layer can pass through the lids. Adjust the ends of the bottles so that they are 2-3 cm above the wooden layer so that the caps are fixed when closed. Connect the chains or ropes of different sizes by piercing the edges of the wooden sheet and adjust it to the ceiling by adjusting it to the desired height from the ceiling.

Cut the bottom of the colored bottles at the same height and place the bulbs attached to the socket inside them. If you have done these operations, a natural and special handmade lighting design will appear. These kinds of designs can be used comfortably in loft and industrial style decorations either in the living room or in the kitchen.

Turn stylish cups into small decorative pots

The simplest and decorative idea that can be made with cups that you do not use small decorative pots that you can use in your kitchen or balcony. You can think of it as a decorative accessory that you will add both soil and plants you want to the old cups, both visually stylish and handcrafted.

Glamorous wall decoration ideas with old kitchen utensils

eski mutfak gereçleri ile gözalıcı duvar dekorasyon fikirleri

glamorous wall decoration ideas with old kitchen utensils

Glamorous wall decoration ideas with old kitchen utensils

You can use pot leaks that you do not use in the kitchen to visually enrich the wall decoration. Old materials designed from copper, ceramic or other metals are enough for you to prepare a very elegant and fascinating wall decoration for your kitchen. To make this kind of arrangement on the wall, you can easily use many pieces such as old coffins, strainers, colored big bowls with different colors and patterns.

For the handmade wall decoration idea in the example, six-hole strainer style tools were generally preferred and the visibility was increased by placing bulbs in them. You do not have to go into such details, when we get this look, you will have a special wall decoration and it will have a special style for you to do this.

Use the old bread board as a tablet holder

A great idea between old items and simple but special arrangements in the kitchen, you can include the old breadboard as a tablet holder in the kitchen decoration and turn the counter top view into a more special style.

All you have to do is put the tablet on the bread board and screw or stick a thin strip of the same width to hold the bottom of the tablet. After this process, you can screw a piece of wood or metal to the back of the breadboard in a position that you want to stand upright, or even an old spoon that you do not use.

eski ekmek tahtasından tanlet tutucu yapımı

Make decorative pendant pots from pet bottles

A rather simple idea to make the visuality of your kitchen is to make hanging pots from pet bottles. Cut the bottom of the pet bottles with the same size evenly with a utility knife, make sure that the mouth of each bottle is closed.

You can use specially cut thin metals for this job, or you can use threads with a thickness that will not break off in a simpler way. Adjust the material you will use according to a certain length down the ceiling, adjust the space between them evenly as it will be next to each other. You can easily do this with ropes, but if you want a more decorative look, you can use a special metal design, it can be a layout with circles where you can fit the bottles. The color of the bottle caps will be more visually effective, that will add color to your kitchen.

Making decorative candle holders from old cups

It is quite easy to make, which can be used in every corner of your home, but it is a very decorative idea making a candle holder from the cup. Stylish cups, especially with colorful floral patterns, are a great accessory for country-style romantic home decorations.

pet şişelerden dekoratif sarkıt saksılar yapın

make decorative pendant pots from pet bottles

Making pendant lamps from glass jars

Glass jars have designs in every kitchen, decorative models with inscriptions and reliefs in many markets, with very reasonable prices. It is possible to turn glass jars into decorative stalactites with a little dexterity, for this you will only need simple bulbs and hearings. The important thing here is to integrate the jar with the lid closed.

Making Tererium from Glass Teapot

You can find many tools and materials that you can use as decorative items in your kitchen. With a little imagination, wonderful things can come up. If you are looking for different hobbies to be made at home , you can create wonderful designs from different products that you can combine with unused kitchen utensils. Combine small ornaments and kitchen utensils that you can buy in markets, hobby shops, and decorative products.

Tereriums are one of the decorative items we see quite frequently these days. It is also a nice accessory to present to your loved ones. It is possible to add color with special trinkets for special occasions. It is also a popular activity among hobbies to be done at home .

It may be a good idea to make tererium out of glass teapots that you no longer use. You can also use round shaped jars in this design. You can prepare it in different sizes, place it in a suitable area in your kitchen and get a more flamboyant decoration. This terrarium, where small pieces of nature come together, will open up for you. You won’t need a lot of material. Colorful sands, colored stones, tiny cacti, maybe a tiny trinket, and of course an unused glass teapot. Ideas to evaluate old items are very diverse.

Making decorative candle holders from old cups

eski fincanlardan dekoratif mumluk fikirleri

decorative candle holder ideas from old cups

Decorative Items from Old Forks

Hangers made from old spoons are a pretty original idea. You can also blend unused spoons and forks into a fruit plate or a bread basket. You will need to place spoons and forks properly, bend and bend a little. You can use metal glue for joining. You may need to use a mold to give it a proper shape. You can paint this fruit plate if you want. Ideas for evaluating old items bring extraordinary ideas.

cam kavanozlardan sarkıt lamba yapımı

Evaluating Old Furniture

Instead of having plates on the display, you can use the old furniture outside by placing a tarpaulin on them so that books can be found. Thus, you can create a reading space for yourself not only in your home but also in your garden, you can keep your belongings that you do not prefer for daily use in furniture such as cupboards or showcases.

Evaluating Old Furniture

In the evaluation processes to be carried out specifically for furniture such as bunk beds, bases, coffee tables, showcases and dresuars, which are among the old furniture, the removal of the glass should be the first process. To make these items suitable for use in the living room, in the garden or directly on the balcony, it is necessary to look at the size and depth

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