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Dog Making from CD

Dog Making from CD

Dog Making steps are given from CD, at the same time, dogs are made from CD in detail.


Dog making from CD ; You can easily make a dog that children will love by making a simple mold with CDs, eva paper, felt, eyes, nose, and by making a cut, paste.

To make a dog from CD, we first draw on eva paper or felt and make molds. After drawing the dog’s head, ears, paws and tail with a felt or soft ballpoint pen, after removing the mold, we cut the eva or felt according to the shape we draw.

Dog making from CD eski CD ' lerden köpek yapımı

We make our cute dog ready by sticking the dog mold with the pieces ready, like the pieces of the puzzle, around the CD. We can use felt-tip pens for eyes, mouth, and nose, as well as stick ready-made accessories. Or, we can draw and cut eyes, mouths, noses and stick them to our dog using adhesive eva paper or felt.

The visuals to be made in these kinds of events are completely shaped by the imagination of you and your children.

Activities Increasing Skill Ability in Preschool Activities CD ' den köpek yapım aşamaları

Dog figures made with CD are one of the enjoyable activities for children to reveal and develop their visual and dexterity skills. Dog making, which we talked about, is a fun activity that preschool children enjoy doing and can easily do it themselves. Simple materials are needed to make this work.

By giving your child a little support, you can use many dog images that he can design by adding his imagination.

How to Get Materials to Make a Dog from CD? eski cd den köpek yapımı

Colorful eva papers, felts, patterned, plain, silvery eva papers in the name of color and visuals for dog-made dog from CD, where we share all the details , are located in places that sell a wide variety of stationery and hobby materials.

You can also choose to use background cardboard instead of Eva paper. For CDs, there are CDs that you do not necessarily use at home or that are corrupt. If not, you can easily buy CDs outside or request them from your acquaintances.

Pet Şişeden Uçak yapımı,

Using your imagination with unique designs, it is quite easy to make an airplane from a pet bottle, especially under colorful and oversized visuals …

With easy-to-find materials, you can make a nice activity and evaluate the unused bad CDs and give your children the ability to evaluate the items. With recycling projects, you can help your children discover their talents.

Materials Required for Dog Making with CD CD ' den köpek yapımı nasıl olur

* Unused CD

* Eva paper

* Felt

* Fon carton

* Felt-tip pen

* Scissors

* Adhesive

* Accessories

Dog Making Recipe from CD with Eva Paper CD ' den köpek yapımı

First of all, we start our activity by making a dog mold. If you wish, you can use a ready-made dog mold and cut your eva paper according to this shape. Or you can draw a dog shape you like by yourself.

Draw the dog’s head, ears, body, tail and paws separately on a eva paper of the desired color with a felt pen. After your drawing is finished, cut all the parts neatly with scissors. First, paste the body on the CD. Then turn the shiny surface to yourself. Heads, ears and paws will be attached to the shiny surface of the CD.

Stick the head and ears to the shiny surface of the CD first. To make it easier, drawing the head and ears as a whole will make the image more beautiful and it will be easier to make.

Again, glue the paws carefully on the shiny surface. Stick the tail on the eva paper that you put on the back of the CD. Now that the dog’s main stages are over, it is time for complementary and entertaining operations.

You can cut and paste the dog’s mouth, nose and eyes using a different color eva paper. You can also use ready-made accessories. You can also do it by drawing with a felt tip pen.

Apart from eva paper for the dog, you can also use felt or background cardboard. You can also make different animal figures with this method. If you prefer to use the figure by hanging it in the children’s room, you can hang your cute dog on the wall by opening a hole at the top.

Dog making from CD is an easy-to-apply and enjoyable activity for preschool children.

Events with CDs

Figures that can be made with CD are very important for the designs to be used specially. In the case of use with paper or paperboard, CD decoration will be one of the most remarkable celebration products in the environment.

Events with CDs

For many years, the mirrors of cars were at the top of the most popular places using CDs. It seems that this situation changes today for decoration purposes for children and youth. You can decorate many clown figures, including dogs, cats, rabbits, elephants, and turtles, by cutting paper to suit them and hang them in a corner of your room. They will become indispensable objects of children’s rooms, as they will look very stylish on the walls and ceiling.


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