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Creative Decoration Ideas with Canned Boxes

Creative Decoration Ideas with Canned Boxes

Tin cans in every kitchen turn into very nice accessories that incorporate them into decoration with simple inspiring ideas of decoration lovers. Tin boxes can really give different decoration ideas for many areas, all you need to do is to color the boxes a bit and turn various small ornaments or ribbon-like colors into a decorative one, these are actually applications that you can do quite easily and practically. For example, if you give a simple example, you can cover an empty tin can with a patterned adhesive foil, which you can easily get from almost anywhere, and you can make a decorative box by sticking tiny adhesive bows of different colors on it. You can use decorative models that you will make with canned boxes in many different areas in your home and you can reflect your own taste and style in these areas. For example, by decorating a tin can, you can make a pencil holder from the tin can or turn it into decorative boxes where you can put your makeup materials.

In our article, we have chosen decoration ideas with beautiful tin boxes that we think will inspire you, and you can include these cute decorative boxes with the help of your imagination.


Pencil Case from Can

konserve kutusundan kalemlik yapımı

pen making from tin can

You can cover the tin cans in your hand with threads of the desired color and thickness and decorate them with bows. After this simple arrangement, you can use metal boxes, which have a stylish look, as decorative pen holders on the work or vanity table. If you choose ropes suitable for the color scheme of the place you will use, you can comfortably find the boxes in the place you will use. All you need for your exterior decorations is a little imagination. It is in our hands to turn these boxes into decorative items using little information we remember from lessons such as business techniques during school years.

Canned Food Scarf Boxes

konserve kutusundan flor kutusu yapımı

making fluorine box from can

By combining multiple boxes, which are a creative application between Canned Boxes and Decoration Ideas, with a thick string, you can get an extremely nice scarf box in your bedroom. You can use the glue to give the boxes the shape you want, so they will be more robust. The important thing in this arrangement is to make the thick strips surrounding the boxes to be knotted from above and to be hung, when you examine the example above.

Bird Nests from Canned Food

konserve kutuları ile dekorasyon fikirleri

decoration ideas with tin cans

Canned food boxes that you don’t use can actually be shelters for a living creature, animal-loving decoration lovers have built tiny houses for little birds with an incredibly beautiful idea. If you paint the cans in different colors and add sand or twigs to take up much space inside them, you may have prepared a new nest for a cute little bird if you hang the boxes on tree branches with long ribbons or ropes. An important detail is to pierce the bottom of the metal boxes and add a fixed rod here, this can be a thick branch or a small metal rod, so that it can make final checks by standing in front of the tiny bird’s nest. Likewise, you can make great looking lighting accessories in your garden by placing bulbs in these tin boxes on your tree branches. For this, it is useful to make some holes in the tin cans with the help of nails.

teneke konserve kutuları ile kendin yap fikirleri

do-it-yourself ideas with tin can

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the way to easily decorate tin cans is through adhesive foils. After you cut and paste the adhesive foil with the colors or patterns that are suitable for your taste, you can now use it for many different purposes.

teneke kutulardan bayo için havluluk fikirleri

Towel ideas for bayo from tin cans

If you’re looking for a decorative and elegant idea to show off your stylish towels for the bathroom, you’re in the right place. This stylish bathroom towel holder with flower patterns mounted on the wall is made of a simple canister. An extremely creative idea that we think will inspire you is to cover the tin cans with a foil with the colors and patterns suitable for the decoration of your bathroom.

You can use multiple boxes, it’s entirely up to you, the next step is to find a hard surface to fix these boxes. Thick cardboards or a small piece of wood will help you with this, we recommend using a strong adhesive to fix the boxes, after these processes, only the decorative bathroom towel you have prepared will be mounted on the wall.

konserve kutularından mutfak aksesuarları yapmak

making kitchen accessories from tin cans

You can turn tin cans into a decorative shelf where you can display practical kitchen utensils, this arrangement can add a different look to classic kitchen decorations. Boxes mounted on wood will display all the items that should be at hand in the kitchen in a decorative way. A piece of wooden surface for this arrangement, canned boxes and colored or patterned foils to cover the surfaces.

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