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Activities With Nail Polish

Activities With Nail Polish

Fun ideas were given about the activities with nail polish, and the technique of painting with different nail polish was explained.

Activities with Nail Polish , do-it-yourself ideas are quite practical and fun. You can contribute to home decoration as well as fun designs with changes you make with nail polish yourself at home. Today, we would like to share with you the most liked activities among nail polish activities. You can have fun and quality time by making these ideas with your child.


Activities With Nail Polish

If you are bored with the old phone case, you can make a phone case that tells your dream world. You can get praises from your friends with your unique design phone case. You can make your phone more colorful by painting the phone case with nail polish or painting the phone with nail polish.

Painting With Nail Polish

Cup Decoration

oje ile bardak boyama

cup painting with nail polish

You can do mug cup painting with nail polish in a practical way. In this way, you can have fascinating glasses. As for what you need to do for dyeing glasses with nail polish …

Fill a pot with warm water to fit your mug. Add a few drops of nail polish into this water. You can add nail polish in different colors if you want. After mixing the nail polish on the face of the water with a toothpick, dip the mug into this water and rotate it in the water. You do the rotating work to get the color beautiful.

Your keys will no longer be confused with colorful keys

oje ile anahtar boyama

key painting with nail polish

I seem to hear that you say the perfect idea of coding keys with nail polish. It is very difficult to find the key you will use at the moment in many similar keys. To prevent this, it is sufficient to dry the part you hold the key by painting it in different colors.

Eyeglasses Edge Trim

oje ile gözlük boyama

glasses with nail polish coloring

If you are bored with your sunglasses, hang out with us. We will give you the idea of refreshing your sunglasses in 5 minutes. You can color the plastic edges of your sunglasses with the desired nail polish colors. Do not forget to use tape to make the colored parts you make smoothly out of the hands. Especially by taping the headphone section at certain intervals and in different ways, paint the colors you want.

How about coloring your water glasses?

oje ile bardak süsleme

cup ornament with nail polish

By dipping the ear stick into nail polish, you can paint a glass of water.

How Does?

After dipping the cotton swab into the nail polish, make tiny spots on the water glass. If you let these spots flow down, you will have a more elegant look. The clearance distance is up to you.

Renew Your Shoes With Nail Polish

oje ile ayakkabı boyama

shoe polish with nail polish

After cleaning the sole of your shoes, you can have a stylish look by painting it in the color you want.

Color Your Headphones And Charger

Oje İle Yapılan Etkinlikler

After you have taped your headphones, you can have a unique headset by painting it with the desired nail polish. With this application, you can also paint the charger. Do not forget to paint the adapter and the inlet part.

New Necklaces with Nail Polish

oje ile takı süsleme

jewelry decoration with nail polish

You will go out and you cannot find a necklace that fits your outfit.

Do not worry!

Apply to an old necklace with the nail polish that you drip on the sponge. Your new necklace is ready. Have a nice trip:)

Wood Painting With Nail Polish

Of course, there is also wood painting among the activities done with nail polish. You can make your old wooden or plastic decoration items look different with nail polish.

Get Rid of Single Color Wire Buckles

You can look more fun with your colored wire buckles. So you won’t have to hide your wire buckles.

If You Are Tired Of Cup Bottoms Oje İle Yapılan Etkinlikler

You can make more elegant presentations by making your glass bottoms colorful. Add a few drops of nail polish in different colors to the warm water you put in a small bowl. Submerge the glass under this water and turn it a few turns to get the nail polish well. Here are your colorful glasses ready. You can also color your pots with this technique.

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Change your lampshades

oje ile abajur süsleme

lampshade ornament with nail polish

You can make your lampshades colorful and fun, especially in the children’s room. With your child, you can color the lampshade in his room with the colors he wants. If you wish, you can color the lamp with pot and cup glass painting technique, or you can leave tiny drops on the lampshade and wait for these drops to flow. If you wish, you can make tiny spots on the parts of the ear stick and the lampshade.

Activities with Nail Polish is entirely up to your dream world. We would appreciate if you share your activities with nail polish with us in the comments section.

Good luck with:)

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