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12 Inspiring Decorative Wooden Pallet Coffee Tables

12 Inspiring Decorative Wooden Pallet Coffee Tables

Decoration has an irresistible charm of wood, an indisputable fact that it creates a warm, natural and sincere effect in living spaces from past to present. In recent years, especially wooden-themed home decorations have gained great interest, which can be called a longing for the past. It has increased the interest in wooden designs with decoration styles such as Vintage, Country and Rustik where the warmth and naturalness are felt. Especially aged furniture, in other words, wooden furniture with old and worn look, which makes us feel intensely, are very valuable designs today. In this case, we will not be able to pass through without mentioning how we will use wooden pallet models to add liveliness to our decoration, making the pallet coffee table and white pallet coffee table models.


Making Coffee Table From Pallet

Ahşap paletten sehpa yapımı

Making coffee table from wooden pallet

In our article, we want to give you decorative examples and ideas that we think will inspire you about the wooden pallet stands and the making of the pallets from the pallet, which are very popular among the creative designs that give the decoration a natural and intimate style. If you have researched on do-it-yourself coffee table models, making a coffee table from the palette, which is one of the most common examples, is actually a very simple process. In the rest of our article, we will talk about how to do it in detail.

Pallet stands are very ideal designs for those who want to make a difference at home, they have a decorative and stylish look, and if we look at the sales prices, they are very affordable designs. Pallet coffee table models can be used comfortably in living rooms, garden and balcony terrace areas.

Wooden Pallet Stands and Prices

Pallet center tables, which have a warm effect at home, are offered for sale in many famous shopping sites with different models and price options. 12 decorative wooden pallet coffee table models and prices we have chosen for our curious followers.

The decorative palette center tables that we have listed above are the designs of many different brands in famous shopping sites and you can easily reach with a little research.

Making coffee table with old pallet at home

With a little manual dexterity, you can make the pallet stands above at home with very low costs, you can even add extra additions to the pallet according to your personal tastes. What we need is a saw, drill-screw or hammer-nail pair, sandpaper, spray paint, spray varnish.

If we give an example, the operations we will perform are as follows;

  • cut the wooden pallet you bought old or new to the size we want and reassemble the cut pieces with the cut pieces as we wish.
  • Sanding beautifully to remove the roughness of cut palette pieces
  • Then, when we get a smooth surface, paint with the color spray paints in the color we want or in multiple colors if we want.
  • After drying, spray varnish on it
  • In addition, you can take the measurements of the pallet surface optionally and cut the glass for this part and make the usage more comfortable by covering the upper surface of your coffee table with glass.
  • Another option is to install wheels under the pallet to make it easier to move and get a more decorative look.

It will not take you much time to design this kind of natural and warm coffee table in your home, for example, you can listen to the whole story here from a blogger who tells you this step by step. We think it will inspire you.

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